Fredag 15:e Juli spelar vi på Trägårn i Uddevalla.
Syns där!

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  1. bec_87rb says:

    Dear Anders – the 16th is a Saturday? den 16e är lördagen?

  2. bec_87rb says:

    Anders is both handsome and assiduous. :)

  3. Vera says:

    Det hade vart sjukt uppskattat om ni spelar Lite Som på Emmaboda!!

  4. Bianka says:

    Talking about show dates
    I noticed that there are two gigs at the same day?
    06 AUG – Bad Windsheim (DE), Weinturm Open Air
    06 AUG – Varberg, Albert & Herbert
    I already guessed you have a teleporter. 😉

    See you @Ger

    • bec_87rb says:

      I heard it was a beam-splitter, and they would appear at one gig spin up, and the other spin down, and then be reunited at the end.

      If you go to either and they make you remove all your metal jewelry, you’ll know. To maintain the coherent phasing, the concert will be in a giant magnetic field, making your nose ring a no-no.

  5. Bianka says:

    Oh! Okay… that’s an explanation! *nods* (And I thought fermions weren’t your field of work)

    The concert is in a giant magnetic field, but I doubt that 48 µT are able to pull out my not-existing nose ring. 😉

    • bec_87rb says:

      Hahahaha. Background µT won’t work, my friend. They need to crank it up to crazy levels.

      I saw the Sammy Davis Jr video, I know about the experiments, the lab coats, the whole deal. Those Dalmatians are were just step one in the whole Evil Twin Physics trip Movits! has been taking.

      Can’t you see Anders yelling, “Throw the switch! I must have more power! MORE POWER!” I see it, complete with a sparking Jacob’s Ladder, the smell of ozone.

      Johan tried to warn him – some things man was not meant to dabble in, but the lure of discovery was too strong….

      • Bianka says:

        Late reply. I’m sorry. I was busy with university and the gig.

        I need to disappoint you. No strong magnet field was there (and yes, I know one needs more T), but the Brownian motion was amazing. And everyone was definitely in his/her excited state.

        Oh yes! Now that you point it out it’s very obvious. How was I this blind to not noticing it?

        “Johan tried to warn him – some things man was not meant to dabble in, but the lure of discovery was too strong…”

        Understandable… 😀

        Would you like to have some of the pictures? If yes, is your youtube account still active? I’m not at Flickr (but hey, you were in Nürnberg… cool… beautiful city, isn’t it?).

        • bec_87rb says:

          Hey, no problem, everyone is busy, although university during summer sounds extra busy. And I love photos! Does youtube allow photo sharing, too? I had no idea.

          Nürnberg is very soothing, at least to the tourist. Are you German?

          (I agree crowds look “Brownian.” I had always seen them as jiggling particles, maybe of a gas or a liquid, with waves and similar features.)

          • Bianka says:

            Well, those were the last exams (the last one was three days after the concert) and exceptionally we have no lab during semester break, because we are finished now.
            No, youtube does not. But, you’ll see.

            Yes, I am, and I have a strong connection to Nürnberg. Obviously you never were there during Christmas market. You won’t find it soothing at all during Advent, but I’m glad you had a good time in Nürnberg.

            (In the end it was less a wave than a dissolved particle.)

  6. Joel says:

    ni är TOK grymma grabbar! Kom till trondheim ASAP! Jag ordnar med fanbasen 😉

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