European Release Tour in Oct-Nov!

Time for the last tour of 2012, this time the european release tour for the
“Out of my Head / Ut Ur Min Skalle” album. See ya’ll out there!

25 OCT – Münster, Gleis 22 – Tickets

26.OCT – München, Ampere

27 OCT – Zürich, District 4

29 OCT – Freiburg, Jazzhaus Freiburg – Tickets

30 OCT – Erlangen, E-Werk – Tickets

31.OCT – Frankfurt, Das Bett – Tickets

01 NOV – Köln, CBE

02 NOV – Kassel, Schlachthof – Tickets

03 NOV – Hannover, Kulturzentrum Pavillon – Tickets

06 NOV – Utrecht, Tivoli

07 NOV – Tilburg

08 NOV – Amsterdam, Melkweg

09 NOV – Paris, Elektro Swing Club de Paris (La Java)

13 NOV – Wilhelmshaven, Pumpwerk – Tickets

14 NOV – Hamburg, Knust – Tickets

15 NOV – Leipzig, WERK 2 – Tickets

16 NOV – Marburg, KFZ

17 NOV – Düsseldorf, Zakk – Tickets

18 NOV – Berlin, Heimathafen Neukölln – Tickets

6 Responses to “European Release Tour in Oct-Nov!”
  1. Bianka says:

    Really? I mean REALLY??? I’m not the luckiest person, am I?
    After I went to your gigs in Mannheim and Hanover the first thing you do after I left Erlangen is having a gig in Erlangen. What a bad luck.
    Lucky for you I did some advertisement already.

    I know about this old interview (which seems not to be on the internet any more) in which Anders said Luleå needs some new landmark, like a skyscraper for LTU. Some years ago they changed the landmark of Nürnberg’s sign from our lovely castle to this skyscraper. So, if you are still interested, I would be happy if it disappeared. 😀

    So no gratis city tour for you (and no awesome concert for me ;_; )
    Hälsningar fråm Uppsala,

  2. Gregor says:

    Oh, too bad you don’t come to Vienna, it wouldn’t be that much further south from Germany. I would have loved to see you live in concert!

  3. Christian says:

    Hey Guys thank you very much for the nice Pumpwerk Paaarty. Love your Music and your positive spirit. Keep on Rollin!! Looking foward to the next concert und haut rein;-)

  4. Anna says:

    I haven’t felt so happy in weeks and weeks! Thank you so much for the fantastic show yesterday in Hamburg. Endorphines are still busy flooding my body :-)

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