SAMMY DAVIS JR. (Translated)

Born in the 80’s
In the middle of it
Then I was just the child, or maybe the grandchild
Not at all interested in tomorrow
Reality, really?
Yeah, whatever
Back then it was Abbey Road, Plura and Rolling Stones
on the grammophone ’til the day I moved away from home
Now it’s Evert Taube, Dylan, Common and Wailing Souls
Wonder where the inspiration’s coming from


They say I sound Oldskool baby
Like Frank and Sammy Davis
Sing in the rain like Gene Kelly
No, I just can’t believe what they say
but they tell me it was better way back in the days…

Not the one to be strivin’ backwards
But black shoes after 6 PM
I bought sneaks for half of the money
the rest I put in the matress, savin up for a rainy day
No, if thats the way it’s supposed to be
Ain’t really got nothing between the sheets
Meanwhile the oldfolks dream ’bout Jerry Lee
Gamblin away their pension on lottery
The house catches fire – For example
Call the firedepartment – Call the police
Lawyers – Lord Jesus,
Just as long as I don’t miss the reruns
of The Man From Uncle
Garfunkel and Simon
I grew up on A-team, Airwolf and MacGyver
cause I’ve heard from the elders
that everything was better back in the days
even the weather


This is what we in Luleå call a James Brown Moment:

They call it a daydream, sayin it was different
But grandma, it’s allright
That I should grow up, cut my hair and get a job
and not tryin to be James Brown

But was it not the same,
For young mom and dad, when it happened,
Woodstock, back in the 70’s
or was it maybe 69′
im just wonderin’
if it wasn’t just really all the same?