Finally, the video for Na na nah! is here. Timbuktu managed to join us during the shoot of Sammy Davis Jr. in Stockholm for a little “behind the scenes” video. Enjoy!

Director: Johan Hannu

Sammy Davis Jr. video:

3 Responses to “NA NA NAH! VIDEO!”
  1. krófks says:

    Looks like each clip released this week by the bands i follow looks like “behind the secnes”. :)
    Anyway, good job.

  2. Bianka says:

    One isn’t checking the page for a few days and immediately there is something new and awesome! Successful video indeed and complex as usual. I so love that! As far as I can understand it yet, the lyrics and the scenes fit together so nicely. It’s really fun to watch it. (So that’s what happened. Oh yeah… The technique hates coffee… tea, water, even whey drink; it survives it all, but not coffee *laughs*)

    Tack för senaste lördagskväll.

    Reading the comments on Youtube, I remember that there was something I wanted to say, but had not the chance anymore, because you had to leave, Johan. A lot of people say that they think it would be better if you sang in English, but I don’t agree. I met some people already who share my opinion that a foreign language is fascinating and in my opinion the Swedish language is one of the reasons why your songs are this attractive. Although understanding the lyrics isn’t that easy sometimes. 😉

  3. bec_87rb says:

    Bianka is correct as usual.

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