finally the videoblog is back!

4 Responses to “NEW VIDEO BLOG! EPISODE 1!”
  1. KathyRo says:


  2. Elin says:

    Ni är så bäst så det inte går att vara bättre!

    Syns i luleå!

  3. Emma says:

    kunde inte se hela grejen för det blev för känslosamt. så. jävla. bra. Och dendär låten med rock’n roll i slutet av refrängen var himla svängig föresten. tusen tummen upp!

  4. Bianka says:

    I’m part of a Movits!’s video now! 😀 They look sweet, but actually they weren’t, were they? Compared to the Swedish pastries my friends made, I was really cautious with the sugar. And after all your complains, Johan, about the German cuisine, I wanted to make something German which you hopefully like. 😀
    And yes, I’m still German. 😀 At least according to my passport.
    Before I spam every post of yours tonight, I write it also here. I was actually sent to the side by a friend because of the tour dates. First she told me, that you are in Uppsala end of this month. Well, I’m in Germany now. Then she said you are in Germany again, I should check the dates. Well… I’m back in Sweden mid of September (or so)… At least Gröna Lund worked and I’m glad you liked the Schwarzwälderkirschtortenmuffins (Black forest cherry cake muffins). 😀
    Ha det så awesome. 😉

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