Movits Sweden tour 2011 part 2

Aight people, here are the dates for the second part of our Swedish tour, with a few detours to our neighbouring countries. Stayed tuned for more dates to follow!

2011-05-19 Göteborg, Brewhouse (All ages!) (http://www.swingkids.se)
2011-05-20 Skara, Kullenfestivalen (http://www.kullenfestivalen.se/)
2011-05-21 Karlstad, Båten (http://baten.wordpress.com/)
2011-05-26 Växjö, Kafé Deluxe (http://www.kafedeluxe.se/)
2011-05-27 Jönköping, Ztyle (http://www.ztyle.se/)
2011-05-28 Uppsala, Smålands Live (http://www.smalands.nu/)
2011-06-01 Eskilstuna, Filial (http://filialbar.se/)
2011-06-02 TBA, TBA
2011-06-03 Stockholm, Kägelbanan (kl 1900 all ages(
2011-06-03 Stockholm, Kägelbanan (kl 2200 klubbgig)
2011-06-04 Sundsvall, Stadshuset (http://trappenevent.se/)
2011-06-05 Västerås, Pluto (http://www.plutomatsalobar.com/)
2011-06-10 Stenungsund, Harrys (http://stenungsund.harryspubar.se/)
2011-06-11 Örebro, Frimis (http://www.frimis.se)
2011-06-17 TBA, TBA
2011-06-18 Harstad (NO), Festspillnn (http://www.festspillnn.no)
2011-06-19 Harstad (NO), Festspillnn (http://www.festspillnn.no)
2011-07-09 Karlskoga, Putte i Parken (http://www.putteiparken.se)
2011-07-14 Faroe Islands, G! Festival (http://www.gfestival.com)
2011-07-23 Skellefteå, Trästock (http://www.trastockfestivalen.se)
2011-07-28 Emmabodafestivalen (http://www.emmabodafestivalen.se)
2011-07-30 Nynäshamn, Kroken (http://www.restaurangkroken.se)

5 Responses to “SWEDEN TOUR 2011 PART 2”
  1. Andreas says:

    Underbart! Ses i Stockholm, Uppsala och Emmaboda 😉

  2. Inspector General says:

    Whoever maintains this site,
    In one of the banners, “AVAILIBLE’ should be spelled “AVAILABLE.”

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