San Francisco fan, loves the no good gamblin’ man!
Once again San Fran showed us it’s best face, thnx!

5 Responses to “US TOUR VIDEOBLOG EPISODE #14”
  1. bec_87rb says:


    I have björndansen figured out!!!!!! Johan/Zacke = Zacke/Magnus

  2. Karin says:

    And you should know that the bear dance was unbeknown to 99% of the Swedish population before…

  3. bec_87rb says:

    And unbeknown to 99.99999% of everyone else, I’l wager. I love that local culture stuff! For instance, to the right I see an advertizement for an interesting leather shoe with a curled toe.

    Is Luleå bear country? My sister lives near a national forest here in the US, full of black bears, and they are fun to watch. Today’s temperature in Luleå, for anyone missing home:

    • WildApache says:

      In Norrbotten County, the bear population is about 1,000 and growing.
      Dunno the numbers for Luleå proper, but they’re definitely out there.
      Encounters are extremely rare, though, unless you spend all your time in the woods looking for lingonberries.

      Luleå Hockey has a bear in their logo, and the players enter the ice through a giant bear mouth.
      So I guess that would make Luleå bear country, if nothing else.

      As for the bear dance, I’m sad to say it has nothing to do with Luleå or Norrbotten (until Movits adopted it, that is).
      Unless someone is yanking our chains on YouTube, it’s a rural folk dance from Hedemora in Dalarna County (some 500+ miles south of Luleå).

      • bec_87rb says:

        Thank you for the info, WildApache!

        Even if the bear dance is not a Luleå thing, it’s still fun. :)

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