Guns and ammo in the Texas wilderness!

2 Responses to “US TOUR VIDEOBLOG EPISODE #20”
  1. bec_87rb says:

    Holy Smokes. Y’all come here to Virginia and my father will actually give you ear protectors, instructions on how to handle the weapons, targets or cans so you can tell if you hit anything, and I promise he won’t be cavalierly getting sauced while driving or while handling deadly f*cking equipment SUCH AS FIREARMS. *facepalm* How is there anybody left alive in Dallas, or is everyone so spread out that only the cattle get shot?

    This was like watcing a safety film on what not to do when handling firearms.

    Props on the bear dance – good use of technique to compensate for one man out-massing the other!

  2. bec_87rb says:

    I thought about it overnight, and I was extremely rude.

    Many apologies to the generous man from SF Ranch sharing his blasting caps, and to anyone reading this. They do things big in Texas, and that’s okay. They certainly do hospitality in a big way, includiing showing guests Texas culture, or at least that was my experience as a visitor.

    It’s often embarrassing being Southern and American, because I know we have a reputation as gun-crazed boozy hillbillies. (bondlurk? bondläpp?) Certainly I have relatives who fit that description, so I might be a little over-sensitive in front of European guests.

    Again, I apologize.

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